(Logistics Manager, Lyfra)

“With one phone call you reach a whole team of experts.”

For me the great advantage of our cooperation was that you sat at the table with numerous specialists. In addition, the response time of Louis and his team is incredibly short, so we could start up within a week in our case. And that’s definitely a plus.

Brixadvice helped us initially with lay-out studies for our supply chain. They did this very punctually and with the experience needed to know exactly what our company needed. So they also helped us move more quickly to a good decision.

Whereas, at other companies, you often end up with a sort of woolliness, Brixadvice hits the nail on the head. In the short term, it also generated results. And an added bonus: the contact with Brixadvice is always smooth and pleasant.


(Production Manager, Reynaers Aluminium)

“We were immediately on the same wavelength. Otherwise I would not have asked Brixadvice to come back a few years later of course. “

We worked together in 2008 and in 2014. For a new layout of our production department. The number of machines on the shop floor had got out of hand. Brixadvice ensured that the production quantity increased and the flow from production itself went much more efficiently.  We were immediately on the same wavelength. Otherwise I would not have asked Brixadvice to come back a few years later of course.


(Production & Logistics Manager, Akzo Nobel Paints)

“Creative and with their feet on the ground.”

I have worked with consultants in the past, and they are quick to arrive with beautiful theories and reports. Brixadvice relates to the company and comes up with practical solutions.

Three years ago, the Brixadvice team worked on improved efficiency of the warehouse. We noticed that it was a recurring problem. With a new layout, Brixadvice cut the driving distances in the warehouse, among other things. The necessary after-care now lies in our hands.

The collaboration went smoothly with regular feedback moments. Sometimes I had to make adjustments because certain facts or figures were too quickly recorded. But we were also partly responsible for, because, of course, Brixadvice can only rely on the answers they get from us.

If there is a new project on the agenda, we will certainly call on Brixadvice again.


(General Manager, IMS Health)

“Action speaks louder than words. 

Brixadvice improved our operational and logistical activities in a sustainable manner. I worked intensively with Brixadvice in a demanding and ambitious project with a tight deadline.   Through the entire process, I see them tirelessly work without sacrificing quality or team spirit always with the interests of their client in mind.   Rarely have I encountered consultants with such drive, integrity and effectiveness. Actions speak louder than words.