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Brix Advice | Automation & Lay-out studies

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Automation & Lay-out studies

Are you thinking about a new location for your business? Or are you planning an expansion? Then you want everything to run smoothly and efficiently. You can count on Brixadvice to map out your entire material flow during a layout study. Our logistic engineer then asks 2 questions: how is that flow running today and how will it run in the most efficient way in the future? We also examine the feasibility of automating processes (for example, in terms of the payback period), from simple systems to fully automated solutions. Input that you can easily use in your business case.

When we have a clear picture of the material flow in your company, we apply that insight to your new or modified location to get the most efficient flow. We also critically analyze the picking and storage processes and study your IT solutions.

We also draw up specifications and assist you in choosing the right partners and solutions. Partners that we know from an independent position.
Because we believe that only the best design is a good basis for efficient production or distribution, we aim to create a new layout even before the first brick has been laid or moved.

And are you looking for a partner who helps you to apply and implement all that advice correctly? Then Brixadvice can also take care of the project management, setting up a temporary project team that takes on both the implementation of the solutions as well as the on-site coordination. In addition, we also provide clash detection and 3D-scans before and after construction.

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