Network design

Often we see companies’ supply chain network grow organically by opening new warehouses, or through acquisitions, without taking the holistic network into account. So it can be very valuable to take a close look at your network. For this you can count on the expertise and experience of Brixadvice. We map your entire distribution/production network and calculate the optimal physical footprint while looking at your strategic and financial goals. We balance the transport, inventory and warehousing costs to an optimal level. This allows us to work with you to form the most accurate picture possible of your business and your (future) product flows and costs.

Together we define and quantify the different possible scenarios in workshops with all relevant stakeholders. In a greenfield analysis it becomes clear where new warehouses are best placed. Consolidation exercises show you which warehouses need to remain in the network in order to continue delivering to your customer with a reduced physical footprint. These scenarios that are put forward with the project team are then professionally prepared and presented at management level.

And afterwards? Brixadvice offers you the possibility for further support in the elaboration of these scenarios in terms of warehouse design, inventory management, supply chain planning etc.

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