Supply chain planning

Supply chain planning is the coordination of procurement, production and logistics into an optimal delivery process of products, services and information between the supplier and the customer. Although it is not physically visible in an organization, good planning has the greatest impact on optimally delivering products/services and managing operational costs. It is like the conductor of the orchestra.

At Brixadvice we understand this all too well. We have a lot of experience in designing, optimizing, implementing and executing all supply chain planning processes on a strategic, tactical and operational level. And we are happy to put this experience and knowledge at your disposal. So you can count on a planning model tailored to your specific business needs.

Typical processes we look at are: demand planning & forecasting, sales & operations planning, master planning, material planning, distribution planning and inventory management. At Brixadvice, we believe it is not only important to design and deliver a streamlined process, but also to implement that process together with you and take co-responsibility for its ultimate success.

For smaller companies with lower planning maturity, we have tools to support them manually. For larger companies, after designing the processes, we can support you in selecting and implementing the right planning tool for your organization.

In addition, Brixadvice can also support you operationally to fill in vacancies until your organization can take on those processes completely on its own.

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