Target operating model

One of the key challenges businesses face is to effectively execute their business strategy across all parts of the organization. This also applies to supply chain strategy. For example, if it is focused on providing the best customer service, or being the fastest to deliver to the market, how do you best execute that strategy?

This is typically defined in a Target Operating Model (or TOM). With an initial strengths and requirements analysis we determine what the TOM should look like and what changes are needed to move from the current operating model to this target operating model.

Starting from the supply chain strategy we look at the end-to-end value chain with all interfaces, and the internal and external footprint. From there we determine how the organization, processes and systems should be set up to support the operating model.

Brixadvice, as always, uses a pragmatic approach here, with concrete actions and results instead of a vision without a plan of action. We can also further assist in the proper execution of the Target Operating Model with detailed process design, process implementation, organizational design and operational management of the processes.

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